Get Educated on The Landlord / Tenant Law

Confused about the rules between a landlord and a tenant? Laws differ in each state and city, so we have the answers for Staten Island landlord / tenant questions. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant in Staten Island, we can represent you to make sure your rights are protected. There are many reasons why you might need lawyer for your problems.
For a Landlord:
There are times that a landlord has to enforce rules and their rights in Staten Island. One of the largest areas that landlords run into with the law is evicting troublesome residents. In Staten Island, New York you must inform your tenant 10 days before you file for an eviction notice. Aside from enforcing rules on tenants, there are certain rules that a landlord must follow before and after a tenant leaves. There are a guidelines a landlord must follow if and when residents leave belongings behind after they move out.
For Tenant:
There are many legal problems a tenant can run into while renting property on Staten Island.We can inform you and help you fight for your rights as resident if your landlord is causing problems. You are able to voice your concern about your living conditions if you feel that they are unsafe/unlivable. There is also a way for you to withhold rent if you feel your residence is being neglected. We would also like to offer you our services to help with anything your landlord fights you for.